Community Homes
Covenant Care Residential Alternatives (CCRA) provides residential services for those with physical and developmental disabilities. We have extensive experience working with individuals who have pervasive needs including those with medical or behavioral challenges. And we strongly believe that each person can expand his or her life skills and experience life-long learning.
What makes CCRA homes unique?
Individual Approach
Services provided are based on each individual’s needs and desired outcomes.
Our Staff
All our staffs have wealth of experience in working in the developmental disabilities communities. They are all well trained and are committed to promoting the agency’s mission. Also, our staffs passed the local and federal background check; they receive annual training in varieties of training such as CPR and First Aid, Medication supervision and side effects, Crisis Prevention Intervention Skills, and the Individual Support Plan (ISP) just to name a few.
Our Commitment
We are committed to providing individuals with community-based services which keep them active and engaged in their community and provide an alternative to facility-based long term care.
Supportive Environment
CCRA offers each individual an opportunity to learn skills that will help them gain greater independence. Three meals a day are provided, and residents assist in cooking and grocery shopping. They also learn to complete personal tasks such as laundry and room cleaning. The staff creates a warm and structured family-like environment that encourages residents to work together. Independence is promoted, but assistance and guidance are provided when needed. The residential program includes participation at BPEY’s nearby day program and vocational training facility. Employment is encouraged for residents who are able to work in the community and transportation is available.
What service components are available?
Individual Service Plans (ISPs)
ISPs are available which outline specific program plans, care provision instructions, and behavioral goals.
Behavioral Support Plans (BSPs)
BSPs are written by Covenant Care Behavioral Specialist for individuals with behavioral challenges requiring extra support.
Goal-oriented Skills Coaching
  • Daily living skill assistance and education
  • Availability of staff on site 24/7
  • Room and board in a safe and healthy environment
  • Service coordination with other agencies
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Assistance in accessing community resources
  • Medication supervision and education
  • Conflict resolution and stress management coaching
(Prospective CCRA consumers must be 18 years old. Residents must agree to adhere to an individual service plan and the expectations of the program. Covenant Care reserves the right to assess all individuals referred clients for appropriateness for the program.)
For information about how you can be part of this program call us today at (912) 826-3883 or email us at: